Instruction Model - Link Model


The link model uses the process of association to link unfamiliar facts with something familiar.

When to Use the Link Model

This instructional model helps the student to memorize lists, such as the properties of numbers.

Steps in the Link Model

  1. Select the items to memorize.
  2. Organize the material into groups and categories, if applicable.
  3. Create a strong visual or auditory link between the first item and the second item, then the second item and the third, and so on. This set of associations will serve as an example for the class.
  4. Explain the process and present the associations to the class.
  5. Practice developing associations. This gives the students the opportunities to gain skills in developing associations. It can also be quite fun.
  6. Evaluate.


Adapted from pg. 280-283, Gunter, Estes, Schwab, Instruction, a Models Approach, 4th Edition, 2003, Allyn and Bacon

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