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portrait of an automotive engineer
Engineers, of which there are many types, use math to make sure the machine they are fixing, operating, or designing will work correctly. Automotive Engineering
Portrait of an electronics engineer
Electronics Engineer
One of the most common uses of complex numbers such as 3 - 2i is in electronics. Complex numbers can simplify the math of electronics. These web pages covers the math of impedance in simple electronic circuits. Series Circuit Story Problem
Parallel Circuit Story Problem
Portrait of a nurse
"[In nursing,] a solid understanding of mathematical principles is needed for drug dosage calculations, figuring IV flow rates and other nursing math."1
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Nursing Story Problems
Portrait of Georgio Armani
Fashion Design, Knitted
When taking the time to knit a sweater or gloves, it can be frustrating to end up with clothing that fits poorly. Claudia Krisniski sent me this email to show me how to use algebra to adjust the sizes of knitting projects. Knitted Fashion Design Story Problems
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Espionage, or spying, requires a lot of math. Encryption, for example, often uses prime numbers and complicated mathematical schemes. Quick Encryption Scheme 1

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