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Life is a Story Problem is an organization founded to advance the education of math by providing students with connections to real-life math, and to provide teachers with free and inexpensive tools for teaching.

This website is in its infancy. By browsing through this website, you can see that we have a long ways to go to complete the student and teachers tools here.

You can Help

There are a number of ways individuals and organizations can help:

Donate a Story Problem

Story problems are especially important to the success to this site. Write down a story problem about things you do in your daily life, or things you do at your work. Please include your name, the job in which you do this story problem and your email address so we may contact you with any questions.

See donated story problems.


Develop a Multi-discipline Case Study

Multi-disciplinary case studies are intended for joint instruction across subject areas. Good case studies have the following attributes:

  • They have applicability across many areas of student, particularly core areas such as math, science, social studies, and history.
  • They give the teacher and students opportunities to generate many questions about the information presented.
  • The subject material is relevant to the students.
  • The subject material has important global significance.

Examples of case studies.


Donate Unit and Lesson Plans

Please feel free to donate any unit or lesson plans you have developed that fits with the theme of this website. Correlation with NCTM standards is encouraged, but not required. Correlation with state standards is also welcome. Send your lesson and unit plans in any popular format by email. Please include your email address so we may contact you with any questions.

Examples of unit plans and lesson plans.


Design Web Instruction or Manipulatives

Web instruction can provide enrichment for the advanced student, remediation for students that are behind, and expands the teacher's tools by providing another voice in the classroom. You do not need to be a web developer to design web instruction. Simply lay out the instruction, web page by web page and forward it by email.

Example of web instruction with manipulatives.


Help Translate This Website

Currently, a portion of this website has been translated into Spanish using online translation tools. Unfortunately, this produces poor quality translation. If you can translate a portion of this website into another language, this will expand the availability of these tools. Please contact the producer to request a webpage or document to translate. This way, there will be no duplication of effort.

Example of this web site in Spanish.


Test This Website

Independent testing of a website can greatly increase the quality of that website. You can help test this website in a number of different ways:

  • Check the Math The reason I give my students for doing math in pencil is that making mistakes has always been a part of doing math. I can say with some level of certainty that there are math errors on this website. This can be:
    • adding errors;
    • errors in how math is used;
    • misuse or poor communication of math principles.
  • Check the Spelling and Grammar While I make every effort to run the web pages through spelling and grammar checkers, some things slide through. Also, spelling and grammar checkers are not perfect.
  • Validate the Web Links Over time, the websites referred to by web links change. By clicking on web links on this site and verifying that they are correct, you can help keep this site updated.
If you would like to help in this area, please contact the producer in order to avoid duplication of effort.


Web Development

Ongoing development of this website is a priority of this organization. If you can donate time to develop web pages and widgets that help teachers or students, please contact the producer.


Buy your books through this site.

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Donate Money

If you find this site useful, please let the webmaster know. Also, if you have any suggestions for improvement, these suggestions are welcome.


Contact the Producer

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