Introduction to Spy Science

Developed byDavid McAdams
Last update4 June 2007
Grade Level4-6
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  1. Goal(s)/Standards


  2. Specific Objectives

    At the end of the lesson the student will have/be able to:

  3. Materials/Preparation
  4. Prerequisite Vocabulary
  5. Prerequisite Methodology


  6. Instructional Procedure
    1. Engage
      1. Ask the students what they know about spying. Write their responses on a white board or chalkboard. While they are responding, add to their vocabulary by introducing preferred words such as 'encryption'. Most of the student's knowledge will come from movies, which give a warped view of the activities of spies. Start differentiating between Hollywood's view of spying and the actual business.
      2. Discuss some of the activities that will be covered in the unit.
    2. State the problem and objective
      1. State that the students will learn how spies actually operate.
      2. State that students will build spy devices.
      3. State that students will write their own spy manual.
    3. Start the spy manual
      1. Pass out a 1" binder to each student along with paper to make a cover page. Note that card stock is easier to insert into a binder than standard paper. Tell the students that they will be starting their spy manual.
      2. State that the manuals will stay at the school (or other activity place) until the end of the course.
      3. Instruct the students to draw a cover page for their spy manual.
      4. Help the students insert the cover page into the front of the binder.
    4. Complete the introduction page.
      1. Pass the introduction page out to the students. Discuss the various sections, then have the student complete the section.
  7. Differentiation for Diverse Student Needs
  8. Assessments
  9. Other Resources
  10. Materials Masters

    Download Introduction sheet for the student's spy manual.
    Download this lesson plan in PDF format.