Algebra Topics

Video of the quadratic formula: x=(-b±√(b²-4ac))/(2a) This video helps students to memorize the quadratic equation.
Multiplying First Degree Polynomials This manipulative gives a visual interpretation of multiplying two first degree polynomials.
Geometric Representation of (a+b)2 Visualization is an important tool in understanding mathematics. This presentation aids the student to visualize the algebraic identity (a+b)2=a2+2·a·b+b2
The Use of Variables in Algebra Variables allow us to represent unknown quantities, and quantities that can change. Variables are as essential to Algebra as quacks are to a duck.
Distributive Property of Multiplication The distributive property of multiplication of addition and subtraction is one of the most important tools for solving equations. The rule is a(b + c) = ab + ac.
Sets Set theory has become the basis of modern algebra. Click here to find out why.
Function worksheet This worksheet approaches functions in an unusual way. Click here to find out more.
Algebra Tiles This template will help to make algebra tiles for exploring quadratic equations.
Proof of logkab=logka + logkb. Video presentation of logkab=logka + logkb by from INMC
Convert from (just about) any measure to any measure. This site, presented by Hopkins Technology, LLC, uses Java Script to allow you to convert a measure such as cubic feet to gallons. Many other units of measure are available.